Model 8S-235 Rotary Pre-Made Pouch Machine

The Viking/Solpac Model 8S-235 Rotary Pre-Made Pouch Machine fills and seals up to 60 cycles per minute of powders and food products in bags up to 235mm wide.

Maximum Speed:  Up to 60 cycles per minute
Maximum Bag Gripping Size:  235mm
Minimum Bag Gripping Size: 90mm



Model Description


  • PLC control with touch screen operation;
  • Servo-driven Allen Bradley control platform;
  • Highly durable welded steel frame;
  • Production parameter memory including gripper size, machine speed, sealing temperature, and filling volume;
  • Pouch presence detection – no filling, no sealing;
  • Bag deflation with wire guide or push bars;
  • Automatic deoxidizer feeding station;
  • Two-step sealing process guarantees clean sealing;
  • Cooling station for liquid products.


  • Product filling – can be integrated with multi-head scales, volumetric fillers and auger fillers;
  • Fully interlocked safety guards;
  • Pre-sealing station for liquid or paste;
  • Zipper opening device;
  • Clean-in-place design;
  • Long raised rotary shaft extender for longer bags;
  • Extended bag magazine;
  • Date coding: emboss, hot stamp, inkjet or thermal transfer;
  • Quality control: checkweigher, metal detector, X-ray inspection;
  • Dust suction nozzles and dust collector;
  • Product settler;
  • Bag supporter for heavy fills;
  • Ethernet connectivity;
  • Wash-down structure (IP65 or IP66);
  • Steam or gas flush;
  • Rotary running clockwise model;
  • Bag rejection system;
  • Stand-up discharge.

More models available depending on your application.


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Watch the Viking/Solpac package gum ball candies in a pre-made bag.