Schneider. Sentry 5000 case sealer

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. – Model Sentry 5000 Case Sealer

The Schneider Sentry line of Case Sealing equipment are fully automatic, fully random case sealers or tapers.  The Sentry line is the industry’s ONLY fully automatic, fully random case size machine that can use Water Activated Tape!

Sentry 5000:

  • Up to 18 random cases per minute;
  • Up to 26 uniform cases per minute;
  • Sealing systems available:
    • Pressure Sensitive Tape;
    • Water Activated Tape;
  • Servo head lifting;
  • Servo rotating tuck arm;
  • Servo lug drive;
  • High speed case size indexing;
  • “No-Apply” feature for case bypassing/product pass through;
  • Minimum Case Dimensions: 8”L x 7”W x 4”H;
  • Maximum Case Dimensions: 26”L x 24”W x 23”H.

Model Description


  • Compact 86” x 46” framework to maximize floor space;
  • High speed, up to 18 cases per minute in random sequence;
  • Top & bottom low tape signals with indicator light;
  • Positive flight lug box processing;
  • Top & bottom centering devices;
  • 24” Conveyor height (Standard, other heights available);
  • Interlocking safety shields (Lexan);
  • Up to 3” wide PST / 15” diameter rolls;
  • Rockwell electrical components (Standard);
  • Multi system, non contact box sensing system;
  • HMI operator control station.


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Watch the Sentry 5000 with pressure sensitive tape.