Viking Masek.SA300

Viking Masek – Model SA 300 Sachet Machine

The Viking Masek Model SA300 is an intermittent-motion sachet machine and is available with servo auger, volumetric or liquid fillers, to produce attractive 4-side seal sachets using just one roll of packaging film at speeds up to 80 BPM.


Model Description

Looking for speed and flexibility in your sachet needs? Viking Masek’s versatile, multi-lane SA300 sachet machines can accommodate from 1 to 6 lanes to form sachet pouches. Designed to pack powders; dense, fine, loose and particulate materials as well as liquids and semi-liquids into 4-side sealed sachets and to accommodate different bag shapes including tear notches and easy-open systems.


  • Powered film unwind with film tension control;
  • Film slitters and forming tubes – set per bag size;
  • Discharge chutes;
  • Siemens or Allen Bradley control system;
  • Automatic film tracking;
  • Integrated inner light;
  • GMP construction.


  • Straight cut;
  • Zigzag cut;
  • Die cut;
  • Multi-lane volumetric filler, servo auger filler or servo liquid fillers;
  • Easy open features like tear notch or micro-perfection;
  • Various seal patterns and shapes;
  • Offset back seal;
  • Automatic bag length adjustment;
  • Individual discharge chutes;
  • Empty sachet detection;
  • Empty sachet rejection;
  • Dust suction nozzles;
  • Static elimination;
  • Film edge trimming and suction (powered);
  • Embossing in the longitudinal seal;
  • Stainless steel construction;
  • Pharma construction (IQ/QQ);
  • Robotic pick-and-place unit and automatic cartoning solutions;
  • Hot stamp, Inkjet, or thermal transfer printer;
  • In-feed and out-feed conveyors.


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