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Aesus – Delta Bag & Pouch Labeller

The Aesus Delta Bag & Pouch labeller is versatile, allowing single-side or dual-side label application on an empty pre-made, stand-up pouches or bags. It is ideal for production environments that need to cater to a wide range of products on small batch runs.

Aesus Bag & Pouch:

  • No proprietary components;
  • Maintenance-free servo motors;
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminium construction;
  • Quick change reels;
  • Labour or outsourcing cost savings;
  • Increased flexibility and time to market for new products;
  • Reduction of pouch inventory.

Model Description


  • Machine set-up: Recipe management from touch screen for all the electronic adjustments; label heads speed and start delays memorized by PLC (no sensor to move); central adjustment of the feeder guide rails with hand-wheel; digital indicators or scale on mechanical adjustments;
  • Operation: easy to add pouch into the magazine while the machine is running; label positions can be adjusted while the machine is running; status of machine appears on touch screen; high label placement accuracy with servo label heads;
  • A printer attachment allows the labels to be pre-printed on the machine before applying them to the pouch;
  • Options include: date and lot printers; laser printers and label presence sensors; vision verification; total count sensor and others.

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Watch the Aesus Delta Bag & Pouch Labeller