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Aesus – Premier Labellers

The Aesus Premier line of custom labellers are top-of-the-line labelling systems. Typically, they are “made-to-measure” utilizing a wide range of accessories.

They have large cabinets that are stainless steel clad with ample room to house systems such as code dating systems, laser-barcode readers, vision systems, UV detection systems, label presence sensors along with tracking systems and reject bins with reject tracking and confirmation.

Control panels are usually Allen Bradley with large screens; multiple screens are put together into one overhead control panel.  These labellers are normally fully guarded depending on the customer’s specifications.


Model Description


Model Premier Panel Labeller (Front & Back)

The Premier Panel labeller can label front, back, 3 panel, 4 panel and 5 panel labelling with speeds over 200 per minute. The Premier Panel 1 and 2 (front and back heads) includes the powerful Servo label applicator head(s) and a large stainless base cabinet with stainless clad top plate.

Aesus. Custom. Premier Panel - Front & Back

Overhead touch screen PLC control Allen Bradley (or equivalent) PLC is standard. Recipe management, 10’ long raised-bed sanitary stainless steel conveyor, 48” Servo top hold-down, complete with product separation wheel.

Core adjustments, for the Aesus exclusive interchangeable worm or belt aligners, are all built into the machine.

Model Premier Top Labeller

This custom labeller is designed to apply pressure sensitive labels to the tops of virtually any product at high speed.

Aesus. Custom. Premier Top Labeller

Running with little or no downtime, a second high-speed label applicator operates in a redundant fashion (no-stop labelling). If 1 applicator is near to running out of labels or the backing paper breaks, the 2nd applicator is automatically engaged to take over. The first applicator then lifts away from the moving products allowing an operator to replenish the rolls and prepare it for when it is called back to take over from the 2nd applicator.

The above examples represent some of the custom Premier labelling projects completed by Aesus.  Please contact us to discuss your project specifications.

For more information about this machine or any other machinery, please Contact Us at 1-877-PMR-PACK (767-7225) and we would be pleased to assist.

Watch the Aesus Premier Labeller w/Vision System & Neck Banding