our Partners and suppliers

  • Crandall Filling Machinery Inc.

    Celebrating over 100 Years of Quality and Service!  Family owned and operated since 1906, Crandall Filling Machinery, Inc. has been a leader in the design and manufacture of liquid filling machines and closing machinery for the food, chemical, paint and petroleum industries for nearly a century.

    Crandall offers a full range of liquid fillers, and closing machinery for pails and cans.  Their pail filler and drum filling machinery provides accurate, low maintenance, no-drip filling of liquid to viscous products into cans, pails, drums and totes.  Recognized worldwide, Crandall’s name is synonymous with quality when it comes to producing filling and closing equipment.

    Thousands of companies around the world have found that Crandall filling machines and closing machines give profitability through high accuracy, ease of operation, and reasonable cost.  Low maintenance and long service are built into each Crandall machine.  Sturdy, welded steel construction and minimal complexity guarantees a long and profitable life to the end user.


  • REB Inc.

    REB designs and manufactures piston fillers, depositors and liquid filling systems to meet specific product requirements.  Their machinery accurately dispenses a wide variety of flowing products for hot or cold filling.

    They have expertise in many industries including:  cosmetic & personal care (lotions, gels, shampoos, conditioners, scrubs, masks and soaps), food & bakery (pasta sauce, salad dressing, salsa, relishes, batters, pie fillings, jam and jelly), pharmaceutical (cough syrups, topical creams and lotions), nutraceutical (animal health products, health drinks) and chemical industry (lubricants, paints, stains, janitorial products, detergents, resins).

    REB can supply a custom designed piston filling system for a wide range of container shapes and sizes with fill volumes that range from fractional ounces to a gallon.  Their piston filling systems can be used in start-up and small batch applications or supplied with conveyors and container indexing systems for fully automatic operation.

    To reduce down time for changeovers and cleaning, all product contact components can be disassembled without the use of any tools and can be removed from the machine for sanitization.  REB’s machine frames are welded and made of stainless steel, all product contact parts are made of stainless steel and USDA approved engineered plastics.  All controls are contained in a wash down duty rated enclosure.


  • SureKap, Inc.

    Founded in 1987, SureKap Inc. has established itself as a reliable source for high-quality liquid fillers, in-line capping equipment, conveyors and turntables.  Their packaging equipment can be found across a wide range of industries including food, beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical and industrial products.  With their ongoing commitment to high quality, efficient production solutions, personal integrity and exceptional customer service, SureKap continuously helps companies reach new heights.  From a 15,000 sq. ft. factory in Winder, Georgia, SureKap provides sales, parts and service support to customers, both domestic and international.

  • Econocorp Inc.

    For over a half a century, Econocorp is proud to have been a leader in the manufacturing of economical case packing, cartoning and tray forming equipment.

    All Econocorp equipment is created with simplicity in mind, using minimal parts in the design to reduce maintenance and lower repair costs.  Their simple, yet reliable packing equipment can increase output volume and decrease labour hours, creating more revenue for you the customer.

    Their range of packaging machinery includes: cartoners, tray formers, case packers, craft brewery solutions.

  • Campbell Wrapper Corporation

    For over 65 Years, Campbell Wrapper has been manufacturing quality horizontal flow wrappers and feeding equipment for the food, medical, personal care, household product, and paper industries.

    Campbell flow wrappers produce a variety of attractive package styles including fin seal, shrink, on-edge, dual lane, side seal, and others.

  • Consolidated Technologies

    Founded in 1982, Consolidated Technologies is North America’s leading manufacturer of semi-automated and fully-automated cartoners and sleevers.

    Consolidated Technologies has designed and supplied reliable, world class equipment and projects across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

    They believe in building well engineered, innovative and reliable equipment that combines advanced technologies with stainless steel construction at the cost of comparable mild steel equipment.

  • Filler Specialties, Inc.

    Filler Specialties designs and manufactures stainless steel rotary bottle fillers and cappers in multiple configurations including standalone, monobloc, and tri-bloc/close coupled systems.  Fillers are available as gravity or pressure gravity to best meet the needs of the customer’s specific application.  Filler Specialties offers bottle capping systems for screw caps, snap/screw caps, press-on caps, sport caps, foil heat seal caps, and specialty closures.  They serve many industries including juice, dairy, pharmaceutical/nutraceutical, water, food, personal care/household products, automotive/petroleum, chemical, and more.

  • ABOX Automation Corp.

    Established in 2003, ABOX specializes in pouch dispensing, cotton inserting, and guillotine style converting equipment.  Their range of equipment includes: pouch inserters/dispensers, cotton inserters, oxygen absorber insertion, etc.

  • HPT Pharma

    HPT Pharma focuses on the design and manufacture of turn-key blister package solutions.  For more than 15 years, pharmaceutical producers around the world have relied on HPT Pharma and its expertise in the areas of package design & testing, blister machine tooling, and product feeding equipment.  Their range of products includes: blister machine tooling, product feeding solutions, print & apply labelling, package design & testing.


  • Pillar Technologies

    Pillar Technologies’ Induction Cap Sealers utilize the industry’s latest technology. Their waterless induction cap sealers reduce the cost and maintenance required with traditional water cooled induction cap sealers.  From hand-held models to high-powered systems, Pillar has expertise in serving several industries including pharmaceutical/nutraceutical, automotive, chemical, food, dairy, beverage, health & beauty, etc.

  • PallayPack Inc.

    PallayPack is a recognized leader in packaging machinery offering complete and custom lines for tablet, powder and liquid applications. Their custom work includes machinery and lines including vaccination machines and puck handling systems for unstable containers.  In addition to manufacturing machines, they are the North American office of key European companies offering tablet counters, vial, ampoule and syringe fillers, monoblock systems, freeze dryers, cappers, shrink bundlers and flexible packaging machines for stick packs, sachets and doy-packs.

    With over 14 years’ experience, PallayPack sustained growth is due to the superior customer service delivered through their 10 sales representatives located throughout North America, as well as our engineering, service and sales support departments.  They stock spare parts and offer quick turnaround due to our full in-house manufacturing capabilities to handle our own production and emergency spares needs.


  • Pharma Packaging Systems Ltd. (PallayPack)

    Since 2002, Pharma Packaging Systems (PPS) has specialised in packaging systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

    PPS designs and manufactures electronic counting systems for tablets and gel capsules – either as stand-alone units or as part of an integrated packaging line.

    They have over 50 years of experience in this sector and, in particular, with tablet counting systems and, therefore, their technology is based on sound practical knowledge whilst embracing new developments in software and hardware as well as the ever changing regulatory requirements.

    All Pharma Packaging Systems equipment complies with the latest cGMP requirements and is fully validated including 21CFR Part 11 compliance (where applicable).  All systems are supplied with full documentation including detailed machine manuals, certification, and IQ/OQ packages.

  • ROTA

    Aseptic filling and packaging machinery built in Germany serving the pharmaceutical industry. From small scale batches to mass production, Rota can provide solutions for the handling of ampoules, vials and bottles with packaging machinery for:  washing, sterilizing, filling, closing, inspecting, labelling, syringe processing and line integration.

  • Aesus Packaging Systems

    Aesus Packaging Systems is and remains a leader in design and manufacturing of packaging machinery for over 25 years.

    They manufacture and offer a variety of machines based on your needs, from simple stand-alone machines to fully-integrated packaging lines. From standard to very complex pressure sensitive labellers, liquid fillers, cappers, cap retorquers, simple shrink banders to high speed shrink labellers, patented hybrid heat tunnels, conveyors, parts, accessories and more.

    Their experienced team will ensure that all your needs are met – that what is delivered is a solution that will meet or exceed your expectations.

  • Quality Cup Packaging Machinery

    Quality Cup manufactures rotary and table top cup filler and sealers handling a variety of products, including thick yogurts and puddings to thin watery sauces, and even dry granular or powder products.
    Their expertise includes machinery for: bakery and snack products, cosmetics and industrial products, dairy and cheese products, salads and refrigerated products.


  • Tridyne Process Systems

    For over 50 years, Tridyne designs, manufactures, services and supports a complete line of competitively priced, dependable, high-quality, automatic net weigh scales and bulk filling machines for carton, box, clamshell, blister-pack, poly bag and pouch filling applications.  They offer manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic systems and can accommodate transitional systems as well.  As a leader in the field of net weigh fillers and industrial bulk filling equipment, Tridyne is well-recognized in the packaging machine industry for its excellence, quality, dependability, state of the art technology, and material handling capabilities.

  • Rennco LLC

    Rennco, powered by Pro Mach, manufactures vertical packaging L-sealing equipment, automated packaging systems and bag sealing equipment. For more than 40 years, companies have depended on their solutions to package a wide variety of products in center-folded polyethylene, polyolefin and PVC films. Rennco has become a market leader in vertical bagging equipment by offering a wide range of innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions for poly-bagged products.  They back their durable, easy-to-operate equipment with experienced engineering and customer support to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.

    At the heart of every Rennco sealing product is our unique seal-bar sealing system that allows a variety of materials to be sealed by adjusting three critical parameters – heat, pressure and time.  This unique, constantly heated, coated-seal bar provides smokeless, odorless and low maintenance sealing.

    Rennco provides a broad range of innovative products and solutions from semi-automatic, hand-loaded sealers to fully customized automatic systems for unique product handling, counting, accumulating and feeding.

    Their range of packaging machinery includes: vertical baggers, medical device heat sealers and laundry equipment.

  • TopTier

    TopTier is a leader in innovation and value providing palletizing solutions with speed, flexibility, and dependability for 24X7 operations.  TopTier installs single palletizers or systems integrated with existing conveyor and other material handling equipment to drive productivity and increase efficiency.  New patented technologies from TopTier make palletizing reliable, easy, safe, and energy efficient.

    Their range of palletizers include: high infeed conventional, low infeed conventional, compact conventional and hybrid robotics.

  • HMC Products Inc.

    Since 1983, HMC has been manufacturing stand-up pouch machinery.  Their machinery will form, fill and seal a wide variety of products in a pouch of laminated material, including soaps, powders, trail mix, shampoos, cake mixes, snack mixes, pet food, towelettes and many others.

  • Thompson Scale Company

    Founded in 1972, Thompson Scale Company is a leading manufacturer of checkweighing systems, packaging machinery controls, and custom production scales.  With headquarters located in Houston, Texas, Thompson has provided high quality products for many decades.  Their range of products include in-motion checkweighers, universal filler controllers, universal remote digital displays, inline rejector conveyors, and filling machinery upgrades.

  • MGS, a Coesia Company

    Founded in 1979, MGS Machine designs and builds state of the art packaging automation equipment.  With over 15,000 machines installed in 27 countries, their machines are a standard within the life sciences, ammunition, food and cosmetic markets.  MGS is known and respected for innovation, integrity and collaboration which are tenets of their values.

    MGS has six core values which are pervasive throughout the organization and guide interactions with employees, vendors, customers, business partners, and the greater community.  These values include: being passionate experts, customer focused, caring for the community, teamwork, problem solving and maintaining a can-do attitude.

    Their range of packaging machinery includes: pharmaceutical cartoners, pharmaceutical case packers, blister card, pharmaceutical outserters, pick n’place/tray feeders, friction feeders, bowl & bulk feeding, collating machinery.

  • McBrady Engineering

    McBrady Engineering has an established reputation as a leading innovator in the container cleaning industry.  Their expertise has led to over 1,800 cleaners for various applications in many industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care products and chemical.

    Their range of bottle cleaning machinery includes: high-speed cleaning/rinsing, bottle rinsers, vial rinsers/dryers, bottle dusters, and small-run manual cleaners.

  • Kiwi Coders Corporation

    Kiwi Coders Corporation began in 1948 when J. G. McKay patented his breakthrough “Built-in Bandtype” rotary marking machine.  This new product, for the first time, made it possible to have fast, on-line type changes, enabling the marking and coding lines to keep pace with the ever-increasing production line speeds.

    Successive innovations, such as the first aerosol can coder developed in the ‘50s and introduction of a broad spectrum of easy-to-operate flexographic printing and marking systems developed in the ‘60s, solidified Kiwi’s position in the marketplace and fueled the company’s growth.

    Since J.G.’s one-man, storefront operation began during the postwar boom, the company has grown into a 57,000 square foot plant located just outside Chicago.  Kiwi’s first client was a major candy manufacturer.  Today, Kiwi supplies customers worldwide, ranging in size from small entrepreneurial operations to the largest Fortune 500 and multinational corporations.

    Kiwi’s range of marking and coding equipment includes: friction coders, reciprocating coders, ink jet printers, case/sheet printers, flexographic printers, bag printers, transport systems.

  • Lako Tool

    Founded in 1975, Lako Tool’s products serve the food, consumables, medical, and film industries.  We are an authorized reseller of their products which include: aftermarket replacement seal jaws, knives & anvils, sealing rolls & drums, fin wheels, head assemblies, full radium punches, hole punch & control, ultrasonic sealing for V/F/F/S.