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Aesus – Print & Apply Labeller

The Aesus Print & Apply labellers are designed for cartons, boxes, bottles and other applications.

Aesus Print & Apply:

  • Can be attached to a wrap or front/back labeller as a simple print & apply attachment;
  • The print engine pulls from the Aesus roll carrier and prints whenever needed at the speed of the print engine;
  • A loose loop of labels feeds the label applicator; a separate roll carrier is available enabling the labeller to be used as a stand-alone labeller;
  • Incorporate into an entire machine; suitable for print & apply on cartons, boxes; will apply on front, side and/or corners of cartons.
  • The unit is fully adjustable with SIKO digital indicators for ease of repeat set-ups, and a top-hold, down-roller conveyor to hold the cartons stable during labelling.

Model Description

Further features of the print & apply labeller are available upon request.

For more information about this machine or any other machinery, please Contact Us at 1-877-PMR-PACK (767-7225) and we would be pleased to assist.

Watch the Aesus Delta Print & Apply Labeller