CT. Unicell-20R. case packer

CT – Model Unicell-20R Case Packer

The CT Model Unicell-20R Case Packer is an all-in-one, small footprint, robotic case packer with minimal installation space, wide working envelope, mounted robot (floor, wall or ceiling), automatic case forming, optional hand-pack station, bottom or top sealer, optional Nordson glue system.

Model Unicell-20R:

  • Up to 20 cases per minute;
  • Stainless steel rigid frame;
  • Easy access, high capacity case magazine (up to 150 cases, optional extension to 250 cases);
  • Positive case erecting system to run square and double wall cases;
  • Indexing system;
  • Yaskawa Servo drives;
  • Colour touch screen HMI;
  • Bottom-top flap sealing, tape or glue;
  • Safety cage with interlocks;
  • Adjustable legs;
  • Small footprint;
  • Easy changeover.

Model Description

The Unicell-20R all-in-one design provides safeguarded loading station where cases are formed and advanced automatically for top flaps closing and bottom/top sealing. It can be used as a mobile, highly efficient hand pack station with manual load area for 1, 2 or 3 operators.  The robot, as loading module, requires minimal installation space and can be floor, wall or ceiling-mounted due to its compact design. It provides flexibility, versatility, quick and easy changeover and high performance while requiring minimal capital investment.  The Unicell-20R design enables both options on the same system: robotic case loading and manual case loading by operator. Instant switching from robotic operation to manual case loading ensures system flexibility while running various formats of product and case sizes.

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Watch the Unicell-20R