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Aesus – Delta Top, Bottom or Side Labeller

The Aesus Delta series of labellers are designed for the intermediate user and incorporates some robust features into its design; the Aesus family of labellers also includes both an economical/cost effective series as well as a customized/made-to-measure series of automatic labellers.

Aesus Model Delta Top, Bottom, Side:

  • Strong vertical aluminium support plate (modern balcony style) on a rugged stainless steel stand with adjustable feet;
  • Gentle flat infeed conveyor that guides the product to side grip belts that firmly hold the container while the top label is being applied;
  • Grip belts continue to hold the container as it leaves the infeed belt and the bottom label is applied;
  • Takeaway conveyor is usually supplied with pressing rollers to ensure the labels are pressed down appropriately;
  • Conveyors all have variable speeds and adjustable rails;
  • Label heads are variable speed and have adjustments up/down and in/out complete with Vernier type scales for easily repeatable set-ups.

Model Description


  • No bulky control box or heavy interconnecting leads;
  • Compact design quick release core holders and take up roll;
  • Built-in user friendly display screen;
  • Custom Servo control designed perfectly for label applications with appropriate ramp up and ramp down;
  • Built in encoder follower circuits to precisely follow a conveyor or rotary turret drives;
  • Variable speeds and adjustable gear ratios start delays, stop delays, missing label advances, shift registers;
  • Patented inductive label sensor that can mount right at the dispense blade to handle even Mylar labels, without the need to play with photo electrics which can dust up;
  • Patented moving dispensing beak to ensure that difficult labels are precisely dispensed;
  • Hook-ups for printers, barcode readers, print engines;
  • Many “bolt on” standard options are available to handle the most demanding challenges.

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Watch the Aesus Delta Top/Bottom/Side Labeller