Econocorp – Model Pegasus

The Econocorp Model Pegasus is a continuous-motion, horizontal cartoner for moderate production needs.


  • Sanitary Construction (essentially stainless steel);
  • Continuous motion variable speed;
  • Up to 120 cartons per minute;
  • PLC controls;
  • Accommodates glue sealing or tuck style closure;
  • Left hand load;
  • Straight back discharge.

Model Description

While compact at less than 13 feet long, the Pegasus offers a wide range of options for erecting, loading and closing end load cartons at speeds of up to 120 cartons per minute. Its method of operation is:

  1. End load carton is removed from a supply magazine via a rotary vacuum system
  2. Carton is erected and placed down on continuous moving chain system
  3. Product is automatically horizontally loaded into a carton via a barrel cam loader from a 15 foot continuously moving bucket conveyor
  4. Loaded carton is transported through the machine and is either tucked closed or applied with hot melt glue and compressed shut
  5. Completed cartons are then automatically delivered from the back of the machine at a  convenient working height


  • Extended or reduced sized cartons outside the standard range;
  • Adjustable magazine;
  • 3 light beacon;
  • 5’ extended carton magazine;
  • Overhead product confinement for loader;
  • Product feeding belt;
  • Ink print or deboss coding;
  • CE guarding.


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Watch the Econocorp Pegasus load wrapped bags of snack food into a glue-style, end load carton.