CR. CRH manual closer crimper

Crandall Filling – Model CRH Manual Pail Closer/Crimper

The Crandall Model CRH Manual Pail Closer/Crimper is a manual closer for crimping metal lids to metal pails. For semi-automatic and automatic closing of metal and plastic pails see the models CRS, CRA and PPC-5.

Closers are available for all sizes of lug cover pails:

    • CRH/10 for 10L pails up to 8.5” (216mm)
    • CRH/25 for 25L pails up to 11.25” (286mm)
    • CRH/60 for 60L kegs up to 13.94” (354mm)

Model Description


Crimpers are designed to be easy to operate and maintain.  A skilled technician is not required.  The operator places the closing tool on top of a pail and presses down the two handles to seal the lid.




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