CR.CRS25 semi-auto closer crimper

Crandall Filling – Model CRS, Semi-Automatic, Pail Closer/Crimper

The Crandall Model CRS Semi-Automatic, Pail Closer/Crimper machines are for closing plastic and metal pails.

  • Speeds:
    • CRS/25 – 4 pails (25L) per minute, plastic or metal
    • CRS/60 – 4 pails (25L) per minute, plastic or metal
    • CRS/60 – 2 drums (60L) per minute, metal
  • Crandall pail crimpers can be adapted to all size lug cover pails and to many plastic pails with pressure lids;
  • Closing heads are interchangeable, allowing more than one size and type of container to be closed on the same machine;
  • For higher speed and automatic closing of metal and plastic pails see the models CRA and PPC-5;
  • A two-hand-anti-tie-down system requires the operator to use both hands to operate the machine;
  • All models are totally non-electric in operation. Motors used for motorized conveyors are Class 1, Group D, Explosion Proof: UL and CSA approved.

Model Description


The operator places the lid, moves the pail beneath the closing head, then presses the two operating buttons. When the operator releases the operating buttons, the closing head returns to its up position. On the CRS/220, the pressure head remains down, holding the drum lid tight while the operator places the ring clamp, the pressure head rises when the operator presses the release button.


Casters for portability.


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Watch the CRS/25 Plastic Pail Closer.

Watch the CRS/25 Metal Pail Crimper.