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Econocorp – Cartoners, Tray Formers & Case Packing for Craft Brewers

Econocorp provides simple, compact and affordable packaging systems for cans and bottles for moderate volume production.



Model Description

Depending on your application, Econocorp has expertise working with craft brewers packing cans and bottles with a variety of packaging machinery:

  1. Twinseal – manual cartoner; 5-10 cartons/minute.
  2. E-System 2000 – semi-automatic cartoner; 15 cartons/minute.
  3. Spartan – automatic cartoner; 35 cartons/minute.
  4. Spartan Wrap Around – shipping trays at 25 trays/minute.
  5. Tray Formers – forms trays; 25 trays/minute.

See details of this machinery in our Cartoner and Tray Formers sections under the Packaging Machinery menu.


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Watch a 3 minute video of Econocorp’s solutions for craft brewers.