EC.T-System tray former

Econocorp – Model T-System Tray Former

The Econocorp Model T-System is comprised of a Tray Former (Econolock to Econoform), a flighted conveyor and a Reverse Tri Seal or Straight Line Closer. It will form corner glue, corner lock or simplex style locking trays with a hinged cover, place them on a belt conveyor for loading, and seal them using hot melt glue at speeds of up to 25 per minute.


  • Up to 25 trays per minute;
  • Sanitary construction (essentially stainless steel);
  • Intermittent or Continuous throughput settings;
  • PLC controls;
  • Accommodates glue sealing, corner lock & simplex style trays;
  • Accommodates paperboard or corrugated trays;
  • Approximately 6 feet (1,830mm) of product load area.

Model Description

The T-System’s method of operation is:

  1. Flat blank is automatically pulled from a supply magazine with vacuum cups;
  2. Flat blank is feed forward to forming area via a set of feed fingers;
  3. A mandrel plunges the blank through a tooling cavity where it is corner glued, corner locked or folded over;
  4. The completed formed tray is discharged straight down on to a variable speed, continuous motion, flighted conveyor;
  5. The standard machine has 6 feet (1830mm) of load area for an operator or robot to load product in to the formed trays;
  6. The loaded tray is transferred 90 degrees in to the Reverse Triseal or Straight Line Closer where the tray is sealed with hot melt glue and discharged from the machine.


  • Extended or reduced sized cartons outside the standard range;
  • Adjustable magazine;
  • Extended conveyor length;
  • Intermittent Motion drive for conveyor;
  • Deboss, Ink and hot leaf coding system;
  • 3 light beacon;
  • 5’ extended carton magazine;
  • CE Guarding.


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