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Filler Specialties – Rotary Fillers, Cappers and Ancillary Equipment

Filler Specialties designs and builds stainless steel rotary fillers, cappers, and ancillary equipment that fills glass and plastic containers with liquid. Sizes range from 2 oz. (60 ml) to 2.5 gal (10 litre), at speeds from 10 to 700 bottles per minute. Filler Specialties gravity bottle filling systems are ideal for free flowing non-carbonated liquids, while pressure gravity filling systems fill more viscous products. Filler Specialties, Inc., has been a leading supplier of sanitary liquid filling and packaging machinery worldwide since 1973.

  • Stand Alone Fillers, Monobloc systems and Tri-bloc/close coupled systems;
  • Six distinct machine series with models that range from 6 to 72 valves;
  • Available as gravity or pressure gravity;
  • Capping systems for screw caps, snap/screw caps, press-on caps, sports caps, foil heat seal caps and specialty closures;
  • Capping turrets include servo-driven pick and place (cap in head) mechanical pick and place, HP-800 and standard rotary screw cappers;
  • Custom filling and capping systems include multi-flavour fillers with lane dividers and more;
  • Industries served include juice, dairy, pharmaceutical/nutraceutical, water, food, personal care, household products, automotive/petroleum, chemical and more.

Model Description


  • Pressure gravity filling for more viscous products: hot or cold;
  • Gravity filling for free flowing non-carbonated liquids: hot or cold;
  • Speeds from 10 to 700 bottles per minute;
  • Plastic and glass containers from 2 oz./60 ml to 2½ gallon/10 litre;
  • EMV external mount filling valves; standard;
  • ESL Clean-In-Place filling valves and related hardware; optional;
  • Rotary cappers for screw caps, snap/screw caps, press-on caps, sport caps, and specialty closures;
  • Full line of capping turrets including servo driven pick and place cappers;
  • Bottle neck handling systems for lightweight bottles and hot fill applications;
  • Machine safety and ultra-clean controlled environment enclosures;
  • Customized systems to meet your special project requirements.


  • Container neck centering device;
  • Safety Enclosures;
  • CIP systems.


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