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Kiwi Coders – Flexographic Printers

The Kiwi Coders Flexographic Printers are designed for continuous, intermittent or registered printing on a wide range of web stock material including poly films, foil, rubber, draft paper, plastic laminates, foam board, wallboard and plywood.  Kiwi offers four basic designs: friction-driven (top/bottom/vertical), S-Wrap drive, fulcrum drive (from the parent machine or separate motor) and motor driven with speed-matching drive (mounted to base assembly for turn key operation).


Model Description


Kiwi Flexographic Printers apply inks and coatings to virtually any material.  Reduce costs, time and storage space.  Print logos, graphics, scannable bar codes, contents, ingredients and weights.  Speeds up to 1,200 feet per minute.  Print widths up to 130” (330cm), print cylinders from 8” (203mm) to 170” (432 cm) circumference.

From servo drives with web speed matching to ceramic coated anilox rollers and three-colour, registered printing, Kiwi will custom design and build the flexo printing system for your specific requirements.  If your printing application requires a simple approach, Kiwi offers a large range of standard flexo systems to meet almost any application.

Kiwi offers complete equipment installation, support and training on every flexo system built.  In fact, Kiwi still supports flexo systems that were installed in the 1950s!  They will work with you every step of the way and help you determine the proper equipment, printing dies and ink for your application.


  • Enclosed reverse-angle, doctor blade for high speed applications and ink conservation;
  • Anilox rollers for precise ink metering;
  • Water-based, alcohol-based and U.V. curable inks available in standard or customer colours; air motor ink pump systems for specific requirements;
  • Photopolymer, rubber, laser engraved, flexback or magnetic.


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