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Kiwi Coders – Heavy-Duty Flat Case/Sheet Printers

The Kiwi Coders Heavy-Duty Flat Case/Sheet Printers can make a dramatic reduction in your corrugated case inventory requirements by providing the ability to print cases in the exact quantities and at the specific times your production runs require.  Stock blank or partially-printed cases and sheets – print just what you need – even bar codes- just when you need it!  The printers utilize a two-roller flexographic ink system to product high quality, perfectly registered printing.  Printing can be done in one or two colours on both sides of cases in a single pass, at speeds up to 50 case per minute (a high speed option permits speeds up to 80 cpm).

Kiwi two-colour case printers are furnished with running register adjustments for both feed and transverse directions.


Model Description


The Kiwi Heavy-Duty Flat Case/Sheet Printer is designed for rapid changes of imprint information to minimize production downtime.  A typical changeover takes only a few minutes, including a complete type change and clean-up.  The printer’s optional recirculating ink pump makes colour changes and clean-ups a matter of minutes.  To clean the system, the pump is simply placed in a solvent container, circulation solvent throughout the system to clean type, rollers and hoses.  Choose from among three type systems to fit the printer to any application.  A dial control on the variable speed DC drive motor allows variable output speeds up to the maximum of 3,000 cases per hour (4,800 cases per hour optional).  The printer can be set to print from one to six panels on one or both sides of a corrugated case, and an optional built-in electronic counter makes it easy to keep track of production.

  • Type systems: magnetic, flexback and magflex;
  • Inking systems: two-roller flexographic; water-based inks recommended (wide colour range);
  • Printing Cylinder: 48” (1,220mm) circumference.


  • High speed operation;
  • Recirculating ink pump;
  • SC Stacker Conveyor;
  • Conveyor catcher;
  • Predetermining or totalizing counter;
  • Special width machines & special circumference printing cylinders;
  • Two-colour print.


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