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MGS Machine – Model IPP™

The MGS Machine Model IPP™ is an intermittent motion, pick and place, feed stackable, tray denester.


  • Maximum speeds: up 100 cycles/min vertical & 70 cycles/min horizontal;
  • Simple design translates to an easy installation;
  • Clean, logical control panel design makes the machine easy to operate;
  • Standard construction incorporates a sanitary design suitable for most bakery or pharmaceutical installations. Wash-down construction available;
  • Standard air cylinder drive offers a virtually maintenance free motion control and drive system;
  • Smooth pivot rod motion creates a steady placement, especially at higher speeds;
  • Pivot rod motion control enhances machine versatility, allowing for the possibility of the unit to be utilized in future tasks;
  • Quick and easy product changeover means less downtime and greater machine efficiency;
  • Many options available, allowing the end user to customize the machine to their specific needs.

Model Description


  • Multifold Coupons;
  • Plastic Plates;
  • Labels;
  • Plastic Trays;
  • Corrugated;
  • Styrofoam Trays;
  • Parchment Paper;
  • Foil Trays;
  • Glassine;
  • Paperboard Trays;
  • Card Stock;
  • Packets;
  • Single Sheet Paper Stock.


  • 100 Cycles Per Minute Vertical Placement Mode;
  • 70 Cycles Per Minute Horizontal Placement Mode.


  • Machine Orientation;
  • Vertical Placement Mode;
  • 7” (178mm) or 12” (305mm) Wide Machine;
  • Plexiglass Front Guard;
  • Denesting Motion;
  • 16, 30, or 48” Long Magazine;
  • Oscillating Rod Magazine;
  • Quick Change Magazine;
  • Kwik Klip™ Assembly;
  • Gast Vacuum Pump;
  • Venturi Vacuum System;
  • Floor Stand;
  • Screw Height Adjustment;
  • Adhesive System;
  • Photoelectric Cycle Control;
  • Missed Detection system with or without Buzzer;
  • Auto Recycle if an Item is Missed;
  • Parallel Jackshaft Drive;
  • Right Angle Gearbox Drive;
  • Casters;
  • No Tool Magazine Changeover.


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Watch the IPP™ tray denester feeding 2 different retail mushroom trays.