MGS Machine – Model TwinSerter™

The MGS Machine Model TwinSerter™ glues multiple outserts together creating a bundle of information for sample drug pack FDA conformance requirements.

  • Speeds up to 220 collations per minute;
  • Standard products handled are inserts, outserts and labels;
  • Typically done off-line, this stand-alone, self-contained system benefits both the packager & manufacturer;
  • Assembled package responds to strict FDA guidelines for labels & inserts;
  • Eliminates the need for multiple feed stations, resulting in packaging process cost savings;
  • Product magazines can be continuously loaded while machine is operating;
  • Patented rotary motion is a proven design with years of field tested experience;
  • No Product-No Placement feature reduces production waste;
  • Easy-to-operate control panel with illuminated display for missed detection fault;
  • Tool-less changeovers can be accomplished in minutes;
  • Construction fully supports ANSI/PMMI B155.1-2006 safety and cGMP guidelines.

Model Description

The TwinSerter™ standard machine features and options include:


  • Eight-Foot Long Lugged Chain with Disappearing Flights;
  • Two Rotary Feed Stations with 30” (762 mm) Inclined Magazines;
  • Nordson Pro Blue with Two Hoses and Heads;
  • Variable speed Main Drive Motor;
  • Quick Removable “Forming Chamber” for maintenance and changeover;
  • Non-Powered Compression Section;
  • No-Tool Adjustable SIdeguides;
  • Vacuum Pump;
  • Message Display.


  • Up to 220 TwinSerts per minute.


  • Machine Orientation;
  • Four-Foot Powered Magazine;
  • Bar Code Scanner;
  • Low-Level Magazine Sensors;
  • Product Reject Station with Reject Verification;
  • Venturi Vacuum System;
  • Three-Element Stack Light;
  • Lot and Batch Counters;
  • Casters;
  • Commissioning Documentation Package;
  • Discharge Options Include:
    • Catch bin
    • Shingling Conveyor
    • Finished Product Upender/Grouper
    • Automatic Tray Loader


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