SPM-563 case erector
SPM-563 case erector pk stn

Model 563 Semi-Automatic Case Erector and Pack Station

The 563 Case Erector and Pack Station allows one person to form, pack and seal cases in one operation.


Model Description


The operator opens the flat case and places it into the erector. The machine folds the bottom flaps ready for packing. After packing, the operator presses the foot-switch or push-button. The machine automatically pushes the case into a case sealer, saving time and labour costs.


  • Pneumatic operation: 3-4 CFM;
  • Power: N/A;
  • Folding Size:
    • L: 250mm – 500mm
    • W: 200mm – 400mm
    • H: 100mm – 500m
  • Shipping Weight: 100 kg / 220 lbs.


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