HMC Pouchmaster

HMC – Model PouchMaster

The HMC Model PouchMaster Packaging System is designed to form, fill and seal a large variety of products into a pouch made of a roll stock laminated material.  The system will fill liquid, powder, paste, solids, towelettes or granular products, and can be changed over quite easily to form and fill different pouch sizes.



Model Description


  • Pouch sizes from 2″ x 2″ up to 11.75″ wide x 13″ tall with 3″ gusset;
  • Special shaped pouches;
  • Stand-up and zipper capability;
  • Speeds up to 120 per minute single-up and 300 per minute triple-up;
  • High speed funnel machines up to 160 indexes per minute;
  • USDA approved, gas flush capability;
  • Interfaced with auger and cup fillers, or net weigh scales;
  • Main frame with stainless steel;
  • B&R controls & servos.


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Watch the PouchMaster form, fill & seal pouches (bags) of croutons.