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MGS Machine – Model TopSerter II™

The MGS Machine Model TopSerter II™ has a solid reputation for handling your outserter applications. It will feed, glue, place and verify an outsert.

  • Speeds up to 250 bottles per minute;
  • Hot melt adhesive system with optional tabletop conveyor;
  • Feeds flat or folded outserts from the magazine and places onto a bottle cap, carton or other flat surface;
  • Conforms to ANSI safety and cGMP guidelines.

Model Description

The TopSerter II™ has several features, benefits and options.

    • Designed to meet relevant cGMP guidelines, reducing cleanup and inspection;
    • Standardized FAT and commissioning protocols included, helping to assist machinery and validation;
    • Quick and easy changeover utilizing change parts and digital screw adjustments;
    • Easy-to-load ergonomic magazine with outsert tray shelf (see options for extended capacities);
    • The ability to incorporate most outsert identification devices: bar code scanners, vision and smart sensors;
    • Easily installs over most conveyor lines;
    • Included hot-melt adhesive system saves money over costly double-sided tape systems;
    • Integrates with optional ECOM™ Extended Capacity Outsert Magazine.


  • Up to 120 BPM Random Mode;
  • Up to 240 BPM Timing Screw Mode.


  • Four, Six or Eight-Foot Long Powered Magazine;
  • Extended Capacity Prefeeder – ECOM™;
  • Timing Screw or Random Cycle Bottle Control;
  • Servo Drive;
  • Low Noise Vacuum Systems;
  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC;
  • Bar Code Scanners, Vision Systems and Smart Sensors to identify and verify outserts on the bottle;
  • Verified bottle reject for missed or non-identified outserts;
  • Conveyors.


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Watch the TopSerter II™ apply outserts to tops of bottles.