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OMAG – Model C3 Sachet Machine

Benefit from over 40 years of experience when purchasing the OMAG Model C3 vertical, continuous-motion sachet filling and sealing machine.  Ideal for the automatic packaging of 4 sided sachets of powder, granular, liquid, pasty/gel, tablets and solid items.  As well, the C3 is available in a pharmaceutical version which incorporates the most stringent cGMP requirements such as easy accessibility for cleaning, stainless steel design and the absence of external cables.

With a machine that delivers rock solid performance, you will notice the details of superior design from first glance and benefit from a higher quality product. With speeds up to 50 cycles per minute (100 sachets per minute when running 2 lanes; can be designed from 1 up to 15 lanes), OMAG quality has a big impact on any production line.


Model Description

The OMAG Model C3 is a continuous-motion machine that allows for the packaging of heat-sealed sachets on four sides.

The C3 model is designed for packaging a broad range of products: solid, powdery, granular, liquid and pasty, and is employed in a variety of sectors.

The machine is managed completely electronically; handling operations are guaranteed by brushless servomotors, and a touch screen operator interface allows for high precision, making this machine extremely easy to use. Innovative design features are the result of advanced technical research; filler and bag forming units are set in a tiered formation with respect to the machine base, facilitating its operation and responding to GMP and FDA standards.

This machine model is produced in versions with 1 to 15 lanes, working with rolls of up to 1200mm.


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Watch the C3 run sachets of ketchup.