PallayPack PPS.unscrambler

PallayPack/PPS – Bottle Unscramblers

The PPS Bottle Unscrambler machines are designed to feed bottles to filling lines in a controlled and repeatable manner.  The ultra-reliable unscrambler is extremely compact yet is capable of high speeds.


  • Belt and hook style unscrambler;
  • Stainless steel and anodised aluminium construction;
  • Totally enclosed machine;
  • Compact model – integrated hopper and elevator;
  • No tools, quick and easy change over;
  • Speeds up to 350 BPM (depending on container size and configuration);
  • Low level sensor in hopper;
  • Integral scanners monitoring the flow of containers.

Model Description


Bottles are placed in the main hopper when a live bottom transfers all of the bottles to a compact elevator. This system allows several boxes of bottles to be loaded at a time. Bottles are elevated to a rotary sorter from which they exit end to end. Containers progress to the orientor belts where they are accelerated for separation, bottles are turned to be neck trailing as they pass the hook, after which they are temporarily turned upside down when cleaned (container inverting system, vacuum and air ionizer are optional). After being up righted, the side belts deposit the containers onto any new or existing table top conveyor.



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