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PallayPack/PPS – Model PharmaLift Tablet & Capsule Feeder

The Pharma Packaging Systems Model PharmaLift feed tablets and capsule product from bulk with ease into your tablet counting machine with this pharmaceutical grade tablet/capsule elevator.

  • Lift Capacity = 3.5 lifts per minute; 10 litres per lift (subject to product testing);
  • 75 Litre low level bulk product hopper standard (other sizes available);
  • Dust and particle extraction systems are available or just connect to house vacuum;
  • No tools required for strip down;
  • Controlled discharge rather than simple tip release eliminates dropped product.

Model Description


Operationally, the system principle has product loaded manually or with any tote or similar feed system into the bulk hopper.  Product is vibrated across a sieve plate where dust and broken particles are drawn off. Product drops into the stainless steel lift pan which, when filled, will lift vertically to the discharge position which is above the host machine loading point (typically the counter hopper); the front of the lift pan opens automatically to allow the product to flow out in a controlled manner. After discharge, the lift pan descends to the fill point and the cycle commences again.

Other Tablet & Capsule Counters and related machinery available from PallayPack/PPS including:

  • SuperCount 18-3 & SuperCount 24-4;
  • PharmaCount 2-2;
  • Vitacount 40 & Vitacount 60;
  • Vericount & Vericount Batch;
  • Bottle Unscrambler, Bottle Cleaner and Desiccant Inserter.


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