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Pillar Technologies – Model Unifoiler™ H Manual Sealer

Part of Pillar Technologies’ Unifoiler™ series of waterless induction sealers, the Unifoiler-H is a hand-held, cap sealing system that allows your system to “grow” as your output production increases.  Should you need to automate, you can add a conveyor style coil and mount, use the same power supply, swap the hand-held coil for the conveyor coil and you’re fully streamlined for conveyor sealing.

This system incorporates the 1kW power supply and a hand-held sealing coil for R&D or lab purposes. This machine can seal up to 89mm.  If you need a hand held sealer for more than 89mm, please see Pillar’s Model Basic Hand-Held Cap Sealer.

Model Description


Each system consists of 1kW MOSFET design power supply with the following standard features: stainless steel enclosure, membrane touch panel, microprocessor control, fully adjustable output control to 100%, customer interlock, customer run signal, auto start capability and adjustable loss of seal alarm/timer. The power supply is interchangeable from manual operation to conveyor operation simply by changing the coil. Mounting options are available.


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