Rota.FLR100 vial filler

Rota – Model FLR 100 Vial Filler & Closer

The ROTA Model FLR100 Vial Filler & Closer can be configured to fill, insert stoppers or plugs, crimp cap or screw cap, all depending on the application.  The Monoblock construction features a 50 cycle per minute indexing star wheel, which indexes two containers at a time to the dual filling, stoppering and capping stations to produce up to 100 containers per minute.


Model Description


ROTA vial and bottle machines range from one to eight filling stations with one or two closing stations. Whether small or large glass or plastic vials, whether diagnostic tubes or injection vials, whether manual or automatic feeding, you will find the appropriate ROTA model.  ROTA is capable of customizing a solution from small machinery to high-speed applications.  In addition to ROTA’s vial filling solutions, they offer vial/ampoule washers, sterilisation tunnels, ampoule filling/closing machines, compact lines, inspection machines and labellers.


Filling is by seal-less rotary 316L S.S. positive displacement piston pumps are available in a wide range of displacements (from micro-litres to 125ml). Double pumping increases output speed on larger fill volumes and does not affect the extremely tight fill tolerance which can be maintained over long production runs. Precision filling needles, which direct product at the walls of the containers, and the diving action of the filling nozzle support, reduce foaming and splashing. These simple filling needles do not touch the inside of the containers, disposable silicone tubing, and push-on fittings, are simple to remove for autoclaving. Peristaltic pumps of any make can be integrated as needed to compliment or replace entirely the standard pumps.


  • Range: Vials [ml]: 0.2 – 50ml;
  • Vial maximum diameter [mm]: 32 as standard – glass;
  • Vial maximum height [mm]: 52 as standard – plastic with feeder100;
  • Infeed magazine (int. width and length) [mm]: 200-310/490 (standard);
  • Outfeed magazine (ext. width and length) [mm]: 153/420 (standard);
  • Output [Vials/h] filling volume:
    • Up to 5 ml – 6000
    • 10 ml – 5500
    • 20 ml – 4000
    • 30 ml – 3100
    • 50 ml – 1200
    • 100 ml – 850
  • Output [Vials/h] for two times filling, on one filling station – filling volume:
    • Up to 10 ml – 6000
    • Up to 20 ml – 5000
    • 30 ml – 4500
    • 50 ml – 2000
    • 100 ml – 1200


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