Kiwi Coders Corporation

Posted By:admin 30 November 2016

Kiwi Coders Corporation began in 1948 when J. G. McKay patented his breakthrough “Built-in Bandtype” rotary marking machine.  This new product, for the first time, made it possible to have fast, on-line type changes, enabling the marking and coding lines to keep pace with the ever-increasing production line speeds.

Successive innovations, such as the first aerosol can coder developed in the ‘50s and introduction of a broad spectrum of easy-to-operate flexographic printing and marking systems developed in the ‘60s, solidified Kiwi’s position in the marketplace and fueled the company’s growth.

Since J.G.’s one-man, storefront operation began during the postwar boom, the company has grown into a 57,000 square foot plant located just outside Chicago.  Kiwi’s first client was a major candy manufacturer.  Today, Kiwi supplies customers worldwide, ranging in size from small entrepreneurial operations to the largest Fortune 500 and multinational corporations.

Kiwi’s range of marking and coding equipment includes: friction coders, reciprocating coders, ink jet printers, case/sheet printers, flexographic printers, bag printers, transport systems.