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Lako Tool & Manufacturing – Aftermarket Parts for Flexible Packaging Machinery

Founded in 1975, Lako Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. is an international leader in the manufacturing of standard and custom aftermarket seal jaws, crimpers, knives, anvils, hole punches, fin wheels, formers, and product carriers that integrate with virtually any packaging machine.  Lako’s proprietary design, materials, and surface treatments ensure lasting, reliable performance, so the products can perform more than 3X longer than competitors.

Lako Standard™ OEM Product Line:

  • Aftermarket OEM replacement seal jaws;
  • Knives and anvils – horizontal & vertical applications;
  • Sealing rolls and drums – custom pockets and sealing surfaces available;
  • Fin wheels for horizontal wrappers – hot or cold, variable speeds.

Lako Specialized Product Line:

  • Quick-change MSD™ hot or cold seal jaw (minimizes downtime);
  • Modular head assemblies (make it easy and fast to be flexible);
  • Lakote 85 coated knives & anvils (better than carbide);
  • PSD Cold™ seal jaw (stronger seals with improved seal integrity);
  • Hot Chamber Punch™ (increased hanger hole strength);
  • PSD™ hot seal jaw (stronger heat seals with seal integrity);
  • Bow Crimper™ (unique solution for fin seal issues);
  • Full radius punches (engineered to last longer than spring punches);
  • Head assemblies (save money with quality rebuilds);
  • IP55 hot hole punch and control (designed for wash downs).

Model Description


Lako manufactures crimpers and sealing jaws using the highest quality materials and surface treatments, and precision CNC machining processes. They provide customers with:

  • Highest quality and reliably machined tools to make installation and replacement fast and easy.
  • Direct replacement jaws for most OEM machines.
  • Ability to customize seal jaw design to accommodate marketing and/or specific packaging requirements.
  • Variety of seal patterns for proper end sealing that fits your needs, including Bag-in-Box applications for easy-open tops and strong bottom seals on the same crimper.
  • Standard materials are pre-hardened to 30RC for durability and longevity over OEM standard jaws.
  • A variety of premium materials are also available to provide:
    • Increased hardness for sealing demanding products.
    • High thermal conductivity for high speed applications and thick or resistant films.
    • High corrosion resistance for wash down or caustic applications.


Lako Fin wheels are manufactured for Hot or Cold applications in horizontal flow wrappers. Advantages include:

  • Precisely engineered to match machine speeds for improved film web control.
  • OEM replacements for any machine make and model are available.
  • Customized Fin Wheels are available.
  • Sealing profiles are designed and dedicated specifically for each film type to ensure exceptional seal integrity.
  • Various serrations are available: vertical, horizontal, cross-hatch, and Lako’s unique “RV” patterns.


Lako’s sealing rolls and drums are made to customer specifications. They use pre-hardened materials on sealing rolls and drums to ensure long-term reliability. Available as an OEM replacement or customized:

  • Pocket designs can be customized to meet various package applications.
  • A variety of sealing surface patterns can be customized to fit your brand needs.


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