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McBrady Engineering – Orbit Series Bottle Rinser

With five models to choose from, the McBrady Engineering’s Orbit Series can handle your container and bottle cleaning needs. Air cleaning, liquid rinsing, steam rinsing or gas flushing is performed through a direct tube, injected inside each container or vial.  Multiple revolutions and a duplex rotor have been designed for your complex cleaning requirements and vial washing capabilities.  McBrady Engineering has experience in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Capacity from 100 cpm to 300 cpm  (actual speeds determined upon examination of samples and type of cleaning required);
  • Construction type 304 or 316 stainless steel and FDA-approved plastics.

Model Description


  • variable frequency drive;
  • 4-Belt unscrambler;
  • outside container rinsing;
  • changeover jib crane;
  • photo controls unit;
  • discharge stabilizer belt;
  • external rinsing.

McBrady Engineering offers other machinery to suit your Washing/Rinsing project requirements including Manual Cleaner/Rinsers (for small runs), Exterior Single-Pass Vial Washer/Dryers, Bottle Dusters, etc.


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Watch a McBrady Engineering video featuring the Orbit and other models.