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Tridyne Process Systems – Custom Weighing, Filling and Complete Turn-Key Systems

Custom Designed Systems: Tridyne can design a custom automated weigh filling and counting system to meet specific needs, requirements or procedural protocol.

Custom built systems are specific to the customer’s product, batch size and packaging volume. Custom built systems are essential for certain difficult products that won’t run on standard systems or have special requirements.

Custom systems can use Allen Bradley PLC’s or any other controller that the customer may have familiarity with or want. Tridyne can design systems that can be accessed from the network for service or tracking protocol.  These custom systems can be designed with the intention of interfacing with existing or new equipment.

Turn-Key Systems: Working with quality partners to provide complete systems and fully automatic packaging lines.

All Tridyne net weigh fill systems are capable of being interfaced with most OEM machinery to function in a fully automatic production line without the need of any added components or software. Touch screen integration warrants these modifications be made to a range of parameters to compensate for the different communications and physical characteristics that other packaging equipment requires. Tridyne software has been designed to make these parameters easily modified and understandable by the end user. Tridyne systems have a unique characteristic of being expandable and you can add automation equipment to your lines as your demand increases.


Model Description


  • Animal and Pet Foods;
  • Coffee and Tea: whole bean, ground, frac packs;
  • Food including fresh, frozen, dried foods, powders and bulk products;
  • Hardware, nuts, bolts, nails, screws, washers, spacers, gaskets and more;
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical components, parts, vitamins, supplements, capsules, tablets, pills;
  • Miscellaneous including any free flowing dry material.


  • Conveyors;
  • Hoppers;
  • Sensors;
  • Vacuum Systems;
  • Discharge Chutes;
  • Metal Detectors;
  • Status Lights;
  • Pneumatic Lock Outs.


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Watch a custom designed filling pet food into cartons.