CR. FD1 sub-surface. drum filler

Crandall Filling – Model FD, Sub Surface, Electronic, Drum Filler

The Crandall Model FD Sub Surface Electronic Drum Filling Machine is a net weight filler for any foaming and non-foaming food, petroleum or chemical product which will flow, settle out in the container and does not contain hard solids.  For non-foaming, see Model DA.

  • Any free standing metal, glass, plastic or box-in-drum container from 50 litres to 220 litres (15 to 55 US gallons);
  • The 1000 lb. (500kg.) scale is a proven heavy duty design, specially adapted for the filling operation. Accuracy of the filler is +/- .1 of a pound when the machine is properly installed and operated;
  • Contact parts available in Brass and Steel (standard), 316 Stainless Steel, Sanitary Stainless Steel, Titanium, or PVC;
  • Air Requirements: 3 cu.ft. / min. @ 80 p.s.i. or 12 s.c.f m. @ 80 p.s.i. (80 ltr / min @ 5.6 kg/ per container filled;
  • Electrical Requirements; 110/120 volts 50/60 hz., single phase, grounded, clean. We suggest using a surge protector. The scale controller classification is NEMA 4 X, liquid tight;
  • Speeds for gravity filling of water from a 10ft head tank into open top containers.  Actual rate depends on container opening size, product viscosity and supply system:
    • 60L (16 gal) – 120 per hour
    • 120L (30 gal) – 90 per hour
    • 220L (55 gal) – 60 per hour

Model Description


Operator simply enters set-point 1 (dribble flow) weight and set-point 2 (target weight) shy of the target allowing product in motion to be weighed. The operator then places the container on the fill platforms under the fill lance and presses the start button. At this time, the scale automatically tares the weight of the container. The drip pan retracts and the lance descends.  When the lance reaches the bottom of the drum, it opens and begins to fill. The lance remains at the bottom of the drum for a short time, then slowly rises to its safety stop inside the drum to await shut off. As the drum approaches shut off weight, the dribble flow reduces the flow rate to increase accuracy. When the drum reaches shut off weight, the lance closes, rises and the drip pan moves below the lance. The operator pushes the container off the roller platform conveyor and places another container for filling.


  • Infeed Discharge Conveyor: 4 ft. to 10ft gravity conveyor suggested for sustained use to ease loading and discharging of filled containers;
  • Stainless Steel frame;
  • Coatings available: two part epoxy spray coated or Steelit paint;
  • Explosion proof electrics for use in hazardous environments.  NEC classifications, Class 1, Div. 1, Groups C&D. Class 11, Div. 1, Groups E,F&G Class III;
  • Operator splash guard;
  • Fume covers;
  • Casters;
  • Several printers are available for labels, cards and tape. Various printers offer features including net, gross and tare values as well as batch time and accumulation information.


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Watch the FD1/220PEX Drum Filler.