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HPT Pharma – Blister Tooling

For over 15 years, HPT Pharma has successfully designed and manufactured turnkey blister packaging tooling for thermoform and cold-form applications. All tooling is engineered and manufactured in-house using state of the art design tools and manufacturing equipment.  HPT Pharma offers a full-service, engineering staff, combined with skilled technicians, machinists and toolmakers.

Model Description

Blister Format Tooling:

  • Preheat plates;
  • Forming tools – thermoform (blowform & plug assist) & cold-form;
  • Guide tracks/rails – dedicated & universal;
  • Seal tools – platen & rotary, coarse/fine/reverse knurls, vulcanized rubber;
  • Perforation & scoring dies – standard, peel/push, & peel back;
  • Punch dies;
  • Indexing tools and blister transfer parts.

HPT has years of experience designing blister package tooling for all types of blister equipment manufacturers including:

  • Uhlmann
  • IMA
  • MAC
  • Klöckner/Mediseal
  • Bosch
  • Blipack
  • PharmaWorks
  • Noack and more……


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