KW. 450 series

Kiwi Coders – Series 450 Friction-Driven Case Coders

The Kiwi Coders 450 Series Friction-Driven Case Coders are ideal for absorbent surfaces and semi non-absorbent surfaces. Ruggedly built and easily installed, these coders can be mounted above, below or alongside the conveyor line, for front, top, side or bottom printing.  Optional anti-repeat device delays marking wheel reset until case has passed.

Model Description

The Series 450 Coders incorporate a newly designed marking wheel which simplifies and speeds “on-the-fly” changes in imprint information. A simple twist of the locking knob allows the marking wheel to be removed quickly from the coder. Spare wheels pre-set with new imprint data- can be mounted easily. A splined hub on the marking wheel allows rapid adjustment of imprint location in ¼” increments without tools. These coders can be mounted above, below or alongside the conveyor line as required.


  • Model 453: 3 1/8” (3 lines of 7/8”) maximum print height;
  • Model 452: 2” (2 lines of 7/8”) maximum print height;
  • Model 451: 7/8” maximum print height.


  • Three inking systems: pre-inked (throw-away), re-inkable or non-inked cartridges;
  • Ink cartridge colours: black, red, green & blue; also, pigmented inks available;
  • Inks: for re-inking cartridges; available for absorbent or semi-absorbent surfaces; colours include black, red, green or blue;
  • Type: Channelok D type (standard) & Baselock type (optional) available; custom printing mats, magnetic backed mats;
  • Options: anti-repeat kits, top-mount kit, knurled metal drive tracks, two-way timers.


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Watch a demonstration of the Series 450 & 460 Case Coders.