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PallayPack – Model AbleBlock

The PallayPack Model AbleBlock is a compact, versatile and full-featured, servo-equipped monoblock for the automatic filling, plugging*, capping* and labelling* of your products (*when equipped with the required options).


  • Standalone design, can be mounted on castors;
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminium construction, GMP suitable for aseptic applications;
  • Fully guarded, interlocked for operator protection;
  • PC based control system with Windows operating system and soft-PLC;
  • HMI touch screen control, 7” full colour;
  • Speeds up to 25 per minute, depending on fill volume;
  • Peristaltic or seal-less ceramic filling (316 SS);
  • Pick and Place plugging and capping;
  • Separate torque-control station or cap crimper;
  • Outfeed collection shelf with possibility of tray loading or connection to labeller conveyor.

Model Description


The operator feeds containers by placing them directly on the 18 inch (460 mm) diameter, powered rotary table by placing the containers on the infeed shelf and then pushing them in unison onto the turntable. Automatic bottle loader options (from random bulk) are available.

Bottles advance to the inline indexer. The simple motion advances the bottles and, while the various processes take place, the indexer moves back one bottle (open, move backwards, and close). Then, the next cycle starts. One set of rails are sufficient for a range of bottles.

The diving nozzle descends into the neck of the container. Filling can begin. The nozzle will lift once the fill is complete. Special nozzles eliminate foaming and dripping. Product dosing is controlled by a Watson Marlow 505L peristaltic pump. The pump is stepper-motor driven, fully controllable from the operator interface panel (H.M.I.).

Plugs or stoppers and screw or crimp caps are fed from a vibratory bowl or turntable, down a linear vibratory track, and are separated and held in a nest. A pick and place arm picks up one plug while another plug is inserted in another bottle. A similar system with pick and place arm transfers the caps to the bottles as well.

Caps are torqued (magnetic hysteresis) or crimped (chuck or blade) as required at a separate station. The blade crimp system can be with down force monitoring as an option.

Completed bottles continue to index towards the exit of the machine. In the standard configuration, the containers are automatically fed to the collection turntable.  PallayPack offers several options for tray loading or for connection to a labeller.


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