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PallayPack – Shrink Bundler

The PallayPack Shrink Bundlers, also known as sleeve wrappers, create shrink wrapped packages with open ends which are often referred to as “bullseyes”.  The Bundlers are intermittent motion and are available with a variety of collating and infeed options.


  • Standard model operates at speeds up to 12 bundles per minute;
  • Dual lane model available which will double the output;
  • Stainless steel construction;
  • Infeed layout can be inline or right angle;
  • Automatic collation included;
  • Integrated shrink tunnel.

Model Description


  • Runs all types of shrink films;
  • Film Thickness: 1.6 thou – 3.15 thou (0.04-0.08mm);
  • Shrinking Ratio: Lengthwise: 75-90%, Crosswise 10-25%;
  • Conveyor Infeed Height: 34.5” +/- 1.2” (876+/-30mm);
  • Air Pressure Required: 80-90 p.s.i. (0.55-0.62 Mpa);
  • Air Consumption: 180L/min.;
  • Voltage: Three phase, 240V, 60Hz;
  • Total Power Consumption:15KW;
  • Package Minimum Size Nominal: 4” L x 3.15” W x 1.6” H (100mm L x 80mm W x 40mm H);
  • Dimensions: 116.14” long x 41” Wide x 73” +/-1.2” High (2950mm long, 1040mm width, 1850+/-30mm high);
  • Net Weight: 1543.24 lbs (700kg).


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