REB. DVS piston filler

REB Inc. – Model DVS Piston Filler

The REB Model DVS is a semi-automatic, dual cylinder volumetric piston filler that has a fill range from fractional ounces to 157 fluid ounces (4.6L) with cylinder change.  Fills products from liquids to gels and pastes.

  • Machine is capable of speeds of 20-30 cycles per minute;
  • Accuracies guaranteed to +/- ½-1% of fill weight;
  • Pneumatically powered, 6 to 10 CFM @ 80PSI;
  • Wetted metal contact parts of stainless steel;
  • Frame constructed of stainless steel;
  • 20 gallon stainless steel hopper;
  • Product contact system held together with tri-clamp fittings;
  • Two types of machine cycle start, auto cycle mode and single foot pedal;
  • Built in scale for setting the stroke length;
  • Individual piston adjustment;
  • Spare Parts Kit and Operations Manual.

Model Description


The DVS piston filler model is a dual cylinder machine.

Its design features and pneumatic drive system are similar to the SVS. The DVS utilizes the REB end valve, with the product cylinder and dispensing valve in a single sanitary unit.

The DVS is also capable of being supplied with large ported valves.

The DVS can be supplied as a table top unit or fitted to an adjustable height stainless steel pedestals.


  • Variety of spouts and nozzles including positive shut off;
  • Diving nozzle assemblies;
  • Dual stage speed controls;
  • Heated valves & jacketed hoppers;
  • Additional cylinder & piston sets;
  • Adjustable pedestal floor stand;
  • Powered conveying systems;
  • Multi-stroke cycle counter;
  • Container centering devices;
  • Diving nozzle assemblies;
  • Many hopper sizes with a variety of agitator styles.

Watch a DVS animation.


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