ROTA. R941 ampoule filler sealer

ROTA – Models R941/R960/R980 Ampoule Filler & Sealing Machine

The ROTA Models R941/R960/R980 of Ampoule Fillers & Sealing Machines are based on a linear construction principle capable of production output up to 24,000 ampoules per hour. Optional features and accessories allows ROTA’s machines to be customized to meet your application requirements.


Model Description


ROTA ampoule filler and sealing machines offer solutions from small scale batches to mass production.  With ampoules being a perfect container for parenteral fluids, ROTA has decades of experience in providing technical solutions for the filling and sealing of ampoules under optimal sterile conditions.  For ampoules from 0.2ml to 30ml, their rotary pumps provide high filling accuracy in continuous operation.  Combination machines are available where ampoules, vials and bottles can be filled and closed with minimal changeover work.

In addition to ROTA’s ampoule filling solutions, they offer vial/ampoule washers, sterilisation tunnels, vial filling/closing machines, compact lines, inspection machines and labellers.


The ampoules are fed from trays into the inclined infeed magazine.  The inclined metal belt pushes the ampoules towards the infeed scroll, which separates and transports them to an intermediary wheel or a segment wheel.  These provide a smooth and breakage-free transfer of the ampoules to the linear transport rake.  The rake transfers the ampoules through the different processing stations.  Filling through seal-less rotary piston pumps from ROTA, the volume to be filled is set through the colour touch-screen operation interface.  The pumps are available with different filling ranges in stainless steel or ceramic. Other filling systems are available.  After the sealing station, the filled and sealed ampoules are gently pushed out of the transport rake into the outfeed magazine from which they can be discharged by means of suitable trays. Optionally, the ampoules can be transferred automatically outside the sterile room via an outfeed scroll and then accumulated in an outfeed magazine outside the room.



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