TSC.4693 HD checkweigher

Thompson Scale – Model 4693 Heavy-Duty™ In-Motion Checkweigher

The Thompson Scale Model 4693 Heavy-Duty™ Checkweigher is designed for large and heavy products of virtually any shape or size.  Items compatible with this in-motion checkweigher include anything from pails and drums, to boxes and cartons, to bagged product conveyed up on end. This checkweigher is extremely accurate and dependable, yet is specifically intended for harsh, abusive, dirty environments. Thompson Scale has experience in the cement, concrete, soil, bark, carbon black products, chemical, starch, flour, salt and bird seed industries.


  • Capacities from 1 lb to 500 lbs;
  • Conveyor Speeds up to 220 ft (76 m) per minute;
  • Production Rates up to 50 units per minute;
  • Accuracy as great as ± 0.05 lb (0.03 kg) @ 2 Sigma (product dependent; consult factory);
  • Repeatability as great as ± 0.03 lb @ 2 Sigma (product dependent; consult factory);
  • Embedded true multi-tasking operating system;
  • English and Spanish menus in full sentences for better comprehension. French available soon;
  • High load cell sample rate and A/D conversion rate;
  • 5 pole low pass filter;
  • Hardware and program adjustable filtering;
  • Selectable resolution display divisions;
  • Easy to install and maintain;
  • Calibration audit trail for compliance requirements.

Model Description

The 4693 Heavy-Duty™ In-Motion Checkweigher is an excellent choice for packaging lines or manufacturing and parcel weighing. Weigh station conveyors run at speeds up to 220 feet per minute and range from 28″ long up to 5′ long. Scale capacities go up to 500 lbs and production rates in excess of 50 units per minute are handled with ease.

This checkweigher employs Thompson Scale’s Model 4693 Controller™ to provide the most extensive feature set with the highest possible accuracy. It provides easy to read menus with both English and Spanish in full sentences for better comprehension. It even runs a complete self-diagnostics with errors described onscreen.  Also, the Statistical Process Reporting (STPR) package can print unit weights and reports on standard size paper for analysis. Its modular design and the fact that it is easily expandable to interface with virtually any line or management tools, make the 4693™ Checkweigher and Controller a highly flexible and reliable solution.

A wide variety of options, accessories, and environmental options are available for the 4693 Heavy-Duty™ Checkweigher including:

  • Metering and pacing conveyors;
  • Reject conveyors;
  • Accumulation systems;
  • Motor controls;
  • More options available to fit your exact application needs.


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