TSC. Sonic 350

Thompson Scale – Model Sonic 350™ In-Motion Checkweigher

The Thompson Scale Sonic 350™ Checkweigher is designed for in-motion weighing of semi-rigid or flexible products weighing from a few grams to 10 kilograms with accuracies of up to +/- 0.1 gram.  This in-line checkweigher weighs products of virtually any shape or size (up to 18 inches in length).  Examples of products compatible with the Sonic 350 include raw meats, poultry, fish, vegetables or flexible packages (such as bagged pasta, liquid-filled packages or bags of sugar).


  • Conveyor speeds up to 250 ft (76 m) per minute;
  • Production rates up to 200 units per minute;
  • Capacities from 10 g to 10 kg;
  • Embedded true-multi-tasking operating system;
  • High load cell sample rate and A/D conversion rate;
  • 5 pole low-pass filter;
  • Hardware and program adjustable filtering;
  • Selectable resolution;
  • Selectable display divisions;
  • Accuracy as great as ± 0.1% @ 2 Sigma (product dependent; consult factory);
  • Repeatability as great as ± 0.05% @ 2 Sigma (product dependent; consult factory);
  • Calibration audit trail for compliance requirements;
  • Single-point fast-response load cell;
  • English and Spanish menus in full sentences for better comprehension. French available soon.

Model Description

The Thompson Scale Sonic 350™ is a belt conveyer checkweigher that meets the demands of production line quality control for products weighing between 10 g to 10 kg. This in-motion checkweigher offers quick and simple operation with easy changeover from product to product. The checkweigher is built solid enough to handle virtually every product in any environment, yet is responsive in both accuracy and performance.

Designed for flexible and hard-to-handle products, the Sonic 350™ uses 1″ diameter conveyor rolls for the smoothest possible transition of product across the scale at rates in excess of 200 units per minute. Networked servomotors on each conveyor provide responsive performance, with conveyor speeds up to 250 feet per minute. Conveyor frames and belts can be removed without tools, allowing thorough cleaning and easy maintenance. Conveyors are interchangeable and include many commonly available parts.

The Sonic 350™ Controller provides easy to read menus with both English and Spanish in full sentences for better comprehension. It also runs a complete self-diagnostics with errors described onscreen. The optional Statistical Process Reporting (STPR) package prints unit weights and reports on standard size paper for analysis. Also available is our StatPak-PC software package that collects and saves data to a database and is able to print out reports to a customer’s requirements.


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Watch a Thompson Scale Sonic 350 with drop-nose reject.