Model 201SF

Rennco – Model 201SF Vertical L-Bar Sealer

If you are looking for a top-notch, sealing system, the Rennco Model 201 SF has a small footprint pouch pack/kit packing system, is easily interfaced with infeed systems, and significant cost savings over pre-made bags.


  • Speeds – Up to 30/min, depending on product
  • Package size – 2″ x 2″ – 8″ x 10″
  • Air requirements – .12 CFM per machine cycle at 80 PSI (CFM will vary with added options)
  • Electrical requirements – 120 Volt – 1 Phase – 60 Hz – 8-14 amps
  • Footprint – 26″ x 29″

Model Description

All Rennco Vertical L-Bar Sealers are equipped with constantly heated, coated seal bar assembly for smokeless, odorless sealing.

This unique sealing system seals polyethylene and polyolefin films without changing parts allowing customers the flexibility to use both films.

The Model 201 Sealer has a small footprint, only 2.5′ x 2.5′, and has dependable packaging efficiency.  Since the film travels vertically through the packager, it can easily package odd sizes and shapes in shrink-wrap or in poly bags – products like broccoli, footballs, dog bones, etc.

The 201 SF Series includes an easy open perforator, a horizontal discharge conveyor, and film registration.  In addition, there is a bag release for lightweight products, a servo film feed, and trim break detection eye.

For an effective, quality sealing machine, the Vertical L Bar Sealer 201 SF is the perfect solution.



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Watch the 201SF bag a single product (manually fed).