PPS.supercount 18-3

PallayPack/PPS – Model SuperCount 18-3 Tablet & Capsule Counter

The Pharma Packaging Systems Model SuperCount 18-3 is the latest evolution in electronic tablet counting, combining proven technology with the latest in electronic control systems including ‘onboard’ microprocessor for the highest level of reliability.

  • 60 bottles per minute on 100 counts of tablets, soft gels or 0 to 00 capsules, 120 bottles per minute on 30 counts (subject to testing);
  • Fills 3 bottles at a time, 9 vibrators for fast product feeding;
  • Lightweight vibrator trays produce high output speed;
  • High speed infrared sensors scanning at 34,000 times per second for high accuracy counting of all tablets and capsules as well as transparent soft and hard gelatine capsules;
  • Integrated chip and dust extraction system;
  • Designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

Model Description


  • Product feed hopper mounted over vibratory trays;
  • Pre-count gates are easily removed for cleaning without removing the actuator or mount;
  • Tablet counter chutes feature telescoping design for different height containers;
  • Simple, user friendly controls with 500 recipe memory;
  • Optional vibratory funnels and product trap boxes for large products.

Other Tablet & Capsule Counters and related machinery available from PallayPack/PPS including:

  • SuperCount 12-2 & SuperCount 24-4;
  • PharmaCount 2-2;
  • Vitacount 40 & Vitacount 60;
  • Vericount & Vericount Batch;
  • Bottle Unscrambler, Bottle Cleaner, PharmaLift and Desiccant Inserter;
  • Inspectis Vision System utilizing high resolution colour cameras where defects can be detected; the customised camera system will detect defective products including wrong colour or shape, broken tablets and chips as well as verifying print, etching or break-line defects.


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