REB. ILS series. inline filler

REB Inc. – Model ILS Series Automatic In-line Level Filling (Pressure or Gravity)

The REB ILS Series of automatic, in-line level filling machines are available in configurations of 2-12 filling spouts and can accommodate container sizes from ounces to multiple gallons.

  • Speeds up to 70 containers per minute;
  • Fill a very large range of products from thin foamy products to heavier products with viscosities similar to shampoo;
  • These systems fill to a specified level in rigid containers and are accurate to +/- 1/16″ in fill height;
  • A selection of pumps are available depending on products and speeds;
  • Machine frames are all stainless steel and the product contact systems are stainless steel and food grade plastics;
  • Allen-Bradley PLC (others available);
  • Operations Manual.

Model Description


A fully automated system supplied with a 10 foot, powered conveyor with programmable logic controller (PLC) and container sensors control the machine functions.

To accommodate a wide variety of containers, REB offers three types of container indexing.

Pneumatically controlled gating fingers is the standard system, providing the most versatility and faster indexing speeds.

A timing screw or spiral can be used to position oval containers (which are prone to shingling) under the nozzles consistently.


  • Container neck centering device;
  • Drip tray;
  • Sanitary raised conveyor.


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