Liquid Filling Systems – Piston Fillers, Depositors

Posted By:PMR Admin 14 September 2017

Since 1991, REB Inc. has been designing and manufacturing piston fillers and depositors bringing years of experience to your current liquid filling project.

Their range of fillers will handle start-up, small batch applications up to a fully automatic, indexed and in-line system.

The entry level SVS-J is an ideal filler for cosmetics, personal care or food applications depositing product with a fill range of 0.2 to 8.5 ounces.  The SVS offers the same features as the SVS-J but on a larger scale with heavy-duty components with a fill range of fractional ounces to 1 gallon.  This workhorse is suitable for pastes, frostings, gels, sauces, batters, oils and thin liquids.  REB has a variety of dispensing nozzles to suit your product’s application.

REB. SVS piston filler

REB – Model SVS

REB.SVS-J piston filler

REB – Model SVS-J









As your production grows, consider the REB’s automatic, in-line piston fillers ranging from a single cylinder to ten cylinder system with fill speeds from 10 to 120 containers/minute.

The IVS Series is suitable for a variety of products including thin solvents, thick gels, pastes, large particulated products (potato salad, pie fillings) with a fill range from fractional ounces to 5 litres.  The IVS is versatile and, depending on the application, can accommodate up to 3 types of container indexing systems on one machine.  There are numerous options available from REB depending on your requirements.


REB – Model IVS In-line Piston Filler

You can view many of REB’s fillers on this website in the Liquid Fillers section, including videos.

We are available to discuss your project and provide a filler quote – simply connect with us in the method you prefer.

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