CR. AF2_25PEX sub surface electronic scale pail filler

Crandall Filling – Model AF Multi-Head, Electronic, Sub Surface, Pail Filler

The Crandall Models AF Multi-Head Electronic Sub Surface Filling Machines are net weight electronic scale fillers capable of running any foaming and non-foaming food, petroleum or chemical product that will flow, settle out in the container and does not contain hard solids.


  • Pneumatic tripping for shutting off nozzles;
  • Any free standing glass, metal, plastic or box-in-bag container from 500 ml to 25 litres (pint to 6 US gallons);
  • The system will give sustained accuracy within +/-0.1% of the target weight when it is properly installed and operated;
  • Contact parts available in Brass and Steel (standard), 316 Stainless Steel, Sanitary Stainless Steel, Titanium, or PVC;
  • Electrical requirements 110/120 Volts 50/60 hz. Single phase, grounded clean.  Using a surge protector is suggested. The scale controller is NEMA 4, water tight;
  • Air requirements: 2 cu.ft./min at 80 p.s.i.g.;
  • Speeds for gravity filling of water for 20 litre (5 gallon) pails:
    • AF1 – 180 pails per hour
    • FA2 – 360 pails per hour

Model Description


The operator places an empty container on the filling platform and presses the operating button to start the fill.  The drip pan withdraws, the lance descends, opens, and begins to rise while filling.  When the shut-off weight is reached, the lance closes and rises and the drip pan moves below the lance. The operator then reloads the filling platform discharging the filled containers.


  • Dribble Flow Shut Off;
  • Stainless steel rollers and axles;
  • Operator Splash Guard;
  • Fume Covers;
  • Casters;
  • Printers for labels, cards, and tape;
  • Printers offer features including net, gross and tare weights as well as batch, time and accumulation information.


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Watch the FA1/25PEX Pail Filler.