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Blister Pack Tooling

Posted By:PMR Admin 06 September 2017

Since it’s Back to School for many of our family and friends, why not think about “Back to Packaging School“?

Many of us are familiar with purchasing cold or flu capsules on a plastic card.  The capsule or tablet is neatly enclosed in a cavity know as a blister.  The plastic card and the cavity are known as a ‘blister pack’.  Did you know that every blister pack requires custom tooling?

Our partner, HPT Pharma, designs and manufactures turn-key blister pack tooling for thermoform and cold-form applications.  They have created “Blister University” where they talk about the basics of Blister Pack Tooling.  It’s a good overview of the Standard Tooling Kit.

If you are thinking about Blister Pack Tooling, please contact us to discuss your application and receive a quotation.

The PMR Packaging Team, Whitby, Ontario, Canada.